WiSE helps home owners and park operators get more connected

WiSE is a reliable business information and monitoring platform providing real time alerts, data and information about security coverage, energy metering, fire safety, equipment failure, occupancy monitoring, staff management “check-in-checkout” and access history. For holiday park operators, WiSE can also extend your existing security and fire system coverage, reducing the complexity and cost of enhancing your risk management systems.

If you are a holiday park home owner, WiSE offers the reassurance that your home is protected 24/7. Security of your holiday home is crucial when you are not using it, so WiSE gives you peace of mind that it is constantly being monitored on site. Plus, there are many added benefits too, such as utility metering to ensure you know what power you are using.

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A smarter way to add protection, safety and peace of mind to your holiday home. Monitored year-round, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – you can rest assured your holiday home is in safe hands with a WiSE alarm installed.

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WiSE is completely wireless solution for all your holiday park security, fire detection, equipment monitoring, energy metering, staff management and safety needs. WiSE has been specifically developed to provide a tailored cloud-connected solution.

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The complete solution for monitoring and targeting utilities consumption, including accurate readings.

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Gain visibility into equipment performance to avoid unplanned downtime and inventory loss.

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Security solution that gives you peace of mind that your business is being securely monitored 24/7.

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Monitor staff activities such as monitoring and reports on cleaning, maintenance and rental fleet availability control.

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