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If your holiday park is seeking to improve energy consumption and costs, choosing the right Energy Monitoring Solution is vital.

The WiSE Energy Monitoring Solution is a Cloud Platform that helps you be in full control of where your electricity, gas and water is being used. This enables you to access the data, analyse it and generate customer bills without the need to visit any meters on-site. It also provides historic data enabling you to identify energy trends and any opportunities to reduce energy use.

By providing real-time monitoring and management of energy usage, WiSE can help you to efficiently manage assets and track your site performance. It can also be used to highlight power issues, identify where targeted energy savings can be implemented and can help you to improve your overall energy efficiency, whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Accurately tracking energy consumption can be vital to ensure that your business costs are accurately managed and recouped as well as identifying potential savings.

Benefits of the WiSE Smart Module

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Real-Time Monitoring

Accurately monitor electricity, water and gas in real-time with our easy-to-use Platform.

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Improve efficiency

Efficiently manage and track your site performance.

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Retro-fit onto existing meters to optimise energy monitoring

Our “plug and play” approach provides the shortest time from install to information of any data to the Platform.

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Easily detect power issues

The information captured can be used to diagnose meter faults, detect theft and security issues.

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Use reliable readings to quickly create invoices

Enhance customer satisfaction levels with on time and accurate invoices - no more estimated bills or accruals.

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Reduce overheads

WiSE Platform helps you to efficiently establish and drive your energy management strategy, cut your carbon emissions, implement new processes and policies, streamline resource and reduce overheads, all within one system.

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Analyse data

Automatically identify problems, understand usage across your business and act on savings opportunities

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Eliminate human error

Data is extracted automatically and immediately available for analysis. This saves time, and avoids tedious and error prone data entry.

WiSE - How it Works

How does it work?

The WiSE Energy Monitoring solution enables remote reading of water, gas and electricity meters, as well as early detection of anomalies such as leaks. WiSE Smart Metering sensors can be retrofitted to existing metering infrastructure. They collect data from each individual pitch/meter periodically, and then sends this information to the WiSE platform (or external systems), which enables you to analyse it and generate customer bills without the need to visit any meters on-site.

Automatic data collection from individual meters helps you avoid a lot of the hassle and save much of the time otherwise spent on doing it manually. Costs are reduced as a result of quick detection of leaks and excessive consumption before causing unnecessary damage to your business.

How much does WiSE cost?

Our cost-effective annual subscription service will give you peace of mind that your WiSE equipment is well maintained, connected to a secure network and that our dedicated customer support team will be there to help you should any issue arise.
We have a dedicated customer care and account manager team who will visit you at your premises to understand your needs and create a personalised quotation.

For more information or to find out how WiSE energy metering can help your business manage its energy needs, call us on 0115 957 8282.

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