Ramtech solutions for industrial sites

Innovative technology to protect industrial sites from power stations to shipyards

Industrial sites globally are always under threat from safety situations, be it from the risk of fire, medical emergencies, equipment failure, hazards such as flooding, or even vandalism. This is where Ramtech can provide a custom solution to suit the demands of an individual industrial site, such as an emergency evacuation alarm system.

Over the last decade, Ramtech’s solutions have been deployed on various industrial sites and all have unique challenges. Some of these include:

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Ramtech technologies including WES and REACT have been used on airport expansion projects in various countries. The solutions are ideal for complex and ever-changing sites such as airports, where health and safety of workers and the public are key.

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Safety is paramount in the highly specialist world of ship building and maintenance. The WES emergency fire and evacuation alarm system has been used across various sites to act as an early warning of a potential fire, protecting hugely expensive equipment and employees.

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Power stations

Power Stations carry heavy risk of emergency scenarios - and that's where Ramtech's solutions WES and REACT can help. Those vital seconds saved thanks to the wireless capabilities of our technology mean emergencies can be managed like never before.

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Facilities management

Our wireless safety products have been used by many Facilities Management companies across the UK, EU and beyond - particularly during times of construction, renovation or restoration. Ramtech technology can help with facility management site safety.

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Railway stations

Due to the strong health and safety requirements across railway infrastructure, from underground stations to freight depots, Ramtech's technology is an asset to safety. The WES and REACT systems have already been used on HS2, Crossrail, London Underground and more.

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Commercial and government buildings

Government buildings and financial institutions can be very safety-focused. WES has been used on the development of government buildings such as Embassies, Bank HQs and Military-related sites, keeping them safe from fire. Now with REACT, additional safety alerts can be raised.

WES Fire and emergency wireless alarms

Ramtech’s WES emergency alert systems can protect sites from emergencies such as fire, abnormal heat, smoke (even in dusty environments) and medical incidents. The system creates a secure, wireless radio network on site, making it ideal for use in large, multi-zone facilities such as those listed above and more such as manufacturing plants, distribution centres and waste recycling.  Units can be installed and easily re-positioned as operation and usage of various areas change on site.

With a three-year battery life under normal usage, WES units can be installed and remain maintenance-free, making them ideal for remote areas of sites such as power generation, water treatment and certain areas of oil and gas facilities. The system is designed to meet high level standards, such as EN54-25.

WES Products

REACT App site alert and monitoring

Ramtech’s latest innovation – which is designed to work entirely independently as a stand-alone system or works equally well integrated with WES – is REACT, a 24/7 site protection and monitoring solution powered by the cloud. Using the latest in wireless technology, REACT uses a simple-to-use mobile device app and browser management tool to create a fully integrated, real time emergency response system that can protect a site 24/7.

On site teams can simply and securely raise various alerts such as fire, medical, hazards, SOS and more direct from their mobile device that gets sent in real time to administrators, who can then act appropriately straight away.

REACT Application
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