WES wireless alarm system in action

Since 2009, sites across the UK, Europe and beyond have used the WES system to protect their sites from fire emergencies.  Originally designed for use as a wireless temporary fire alarm for construction sites, WES can now be found on all manner of industrial jobs from underground infrastructure to shipyards, power stations to temporary use in apartment buildings.

Here you will find real examples of where WES has been deployed and the story behind it. Although easy case is different, you will be able to understand how WES helped solved the need of an individual site, giving them peace of mind that their site and staff are more protected the ever before.

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Thames Tideway Tunnel, London, UK

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is London’s major new ‘Super Sewer’ that, once completed, will help prevent the River Thames being polluted by tens of millions of tonnes of overflow sewage that currently flow into the river each year. This ambitious, under-construction 25km tunnel will run below the River Thames in a complex route across central London.

This highly challenging engineering project comprises of multiple construction sites and WES3 was specified by the joint venture team to deliver EN54 compliance across the West section of the Tunnel project.

WES was recognised as the first fully EN54-25 compliant wireless fire alarm designed specifically for construction. In addition to WES3 – which was up to the challenge of the complex underground complex – we have also deployed our cloud-based REACT system that the project team are able to utilise for planning emergency procedures, as well as ensuring they have real-time updates of any on-site emergencies.

WES3 - Tideway West London
European Central Bank

European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

The European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany utilised the fully wireless WES+ fire alarm solution during its construction.

Contractors were impressed that WES+ with the fully compliant European EN54 system, which has been independently tested.

As a closed system, WES+ didn’t interfere with the bank’s existing wireless technologies. This was an essential requirement for the ECB, which houses a number of business-critical technologies. Fire safety was critical on the ECB project as only 30 floors of the 40-storey building were undergoing refurbishment. Staff continued to occupy the remaining space alongside personnel involved in the refurbishment while the work was being carried out.

All 500 WES+ units were installed within a three-day schedule, immediately after staff had vacated the areas earmarked for refurbishment and work beginning on site. Being a wireless system means that the units can be easily repositioned as work progresses, without the need for specialist trades required with a wired fire alarm system.

Naval Academy, Maryland, USA

WES3 was used on a new building on a Naval Academy site in Maryland. The project started in 2016 and is due to complete in 2021.
Site managers were impressed the features of the WES3 wireless evacuation system, one of the favorites being mobile phone notifications if alerts are raised, so site managers are kept informed on and off site.

Automatic smart sensors for smoke (including dust resistance) and heat were important too, as it helps the system to provide 24/7 monitoring of the site. This means the need for a person to stand guard as fire watch each night is eliminated even when its necessary to heat the building for drying and curing overnight. This can save money and satisfies regulations in some local jurisdictions. The ease of set up and relocation were important too for the ever-evolving project, as was the ability to program in location codes to pin-point exact alert locations easily.

Naval Acamedy

Manchester Airport Transformation Project, Manchester, UK

As one of the largest construction programmes in the North of England, the transformation doubles the capacity of the airport when it is completed. The complex project comprises the expansion of the Terminal 2 building, to become the airport’s primary terminal along with The Link, a new bridging space, as well as new stands and piers offering better departure gate facilities.

The challenges at Manchester Airport Transformation Project were centred on the need for a wireless fire alarm system for construction sites that was scalable to a project of this size, whilst being fast and easy to reposition the call points. To put this into context, it is the fastest growing construction project in the UK with £1m of new infrastructure added each day.

WES3 from Ramtech was the successful solution, with its three-year battery life under normal usage being crucial, reducing maintenance costs and waste on site. When the development at Manchester Airport was completed, the contractor simply transferred the units to another project. This, paired with Ramtech’s REACT 24/7 app-based site safety solution, provided unrivalled protection support on site.

WES3 - Fire Alarm System at Manchester Airport
New Schierstein Bridge

New Schierstein Bridge, Mainz, Germany

WES+ was specified during the €250 million construction project of an entirely new four-lane bridge spanning the Rhine in Germany – connecting the major conurbations of Mainz and Wiesbaden. The original bridge was closed due to safety concerns in February 2015. The new bridge will open fully during 2021.

The contractors chose the WES system due to its EN54-25 compliance, 24/7 coverage, ease of install, 3-year battery life and movability, plus it wasn’t just the staff and physical equipment it needed to protect.

The bridge lies next to the Mainz Sand Dunes, a 12,000 year-old protected area of special botanical interest, home to myriad of rare species of flora and fauna, which requires protection. With such densely vegetated, dry environment, fire could spread quickly through the fragile dunes without the warning of the WES+ fire alarms.

Nottingham Castle Renovation, Nottingham, UK

In August 2018, Nottingham Castle closed its doors to the public until 2020 to commence an incredible £29.4m Heritage Lottery Funded redevelopment. The castle overlooks the city of Nottingham and its heritage is synonymous with the legend of Robin Hood as well as being at the heart of the English civil war. The work includes construction of a new visitors’ centre, an extension to the Ducal Palace which will house a Robin Hood Gallery as well as extensive renovation to the Ducal Palace itself.

Protecting 1,000 years of history from the risk of fire during a significant refurbishment is an incredible undertaking. Ensuring that the heritage is protected for generations to come during this ambitious project was vital.

The WES3 system was identified as providing the best solution for Nottingham Castle because it is compliant with the relevant sections of EN54, wireless with no need for external power and connects with REACT to provide 24/7 coverage on site. The system has been tailored to meet the exact needs of the Castle project to ensure that it delivers a truly bespoke fire safety solution.

WES3 has no impact on the fabric of the building but delivers exact location information should a fire break out. The units span any distance by utilising their innovative “flooded mesh” radio network.

WES3 - Fire Alarm System in Nottingham

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