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Wireless fire alarms for construction sites and much more

Construction sites worldwide are dangerous places to work. Construction site fires and injuries can sadly be fairly common. With the demands and complexities of modern construction sites, it is vital that you protect staff, property and equipment. Ramtech can help with solutions to suit the individual needs of your site when it comes to emergencies and monitoring. This includes temporary fire safety solutions for construction sites, including the WES wireless emergency alarm and more.

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Since 2009, Ramtech's solutions have been supplying wireless construction site fire alarms and evacuation alarms via our innovative, in-house developed wireless safety solutions.These use the latest technology with the latest safety standards in mind. Our systems are developed by our in-house product innovation team. We also partner with leading testing houses and customers during development.

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Ramtech's fully EN54-25 compliant WES wireless construction site fire alarm system has been deployed on hundreds of construction sites worldwide. WES wirelessly protects sites, equipment and people from potential fires and other emergencies.The WES emergency alert system was specifically designed for the construction industry. Now the REACT app system can protect and monitor your site even more.

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Our team of construction sector specific specialists can get your chosen solution out to you - fast. We are used to tight deadlines.Installation is quick and simple, with little need for ongoing maintenance, so it is cost effective too. We have an online library of resources and a a team of technical experts to help you through any queries you may have.

WES Fire and emergency wireless alarms

Ramtech specialise in protecting construction sites with WES. WES is a wireless fire, evacuation and emergency alarm system. It is specifically engineered to deliver the highest standards of legislative compliance while meeting the unique fire safety challenges of construction sites.

Since its launch in 2009, WES has grown to become the temporary wireless alarm system of choice throughout the construction industry. This has extended to link to all aspects of site security including access control, CCTV, security and environmental detection.

The WES system has been developed by Construction, for Construction. All current WES systems are fully EN54-25 compliant. Originally developed in partnership with two leading construction contractors, WES has been designed specifically to function in the challenging environment of today’s Construction industry.

Typical construction installations range from residential housing developments and high rise multi-occupancy, to commercial properties in healthcare, education, leisure, and retail. WES networks are also widely used in major civil and infrastructure construction schemes. See some case studies for more information.

WES Products

REACT App site alert and monitoring

In 2020 Ramtech launched REACT – a 24/7 site protection solution powered by the cloud. It combines innovative wireless technology, cloud-based data, a simple-to-use mobile device app and browser management tool. This creates a fully integrated, real time emergency response system that can protect a construction site 24/7.

The REACT system has been developed specifically to provide Construction teams with a simple and secure means of communicating fire, medical and other site emergencies to affected personnel, both on and off site.

REACT has been designed to work with Ramtech’s WES3 emergency alert system to create a complete solution to safeguard your personnel, assets and property.

REACT Application
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