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Italian Holiday Parks Lead the Way by Introducing New Fire Safety Law

HOLIDAY park operators and the electrical contractors that service them will rely more on wireless alarm systems predicts Ramtech, as Italy leads the way by introducing a new law from 01 Jan 2022.

According to Ramtech, Italy’s change in law – which will require every camping site in Italy to have an evacuation system in place – could have wider impact across Europe, as other sites look to reassure customers and safeguard parks. With the installation of traditional, wired fire alarms systems not usually an option at camp sites, wireless technology is therefore going to be heavily relied upon.

Christian Valero Rosé, export sales – Europe at Ramtech, said: “The installation of traditional, wired fire alarms systems, is usually not practical or feasible; some campsites house literally tens of thousands of people, making it a huge, if not impossible, job to equip every building. However, technology has advanced greatly, and wireless fire alarm systems have become increasingly reliable, adaptable and cost-effective.”

Many campsites in Europe are more akin to small cities, and with guests enjoying outdoor barbeques and pine needles falling from surrounding trees, this can spell a recipe for disaster. Christian explains it is important to learn from Italy and start more conversations surrounding fire safety and how wireless technology can support.

Christian, said: “Now that Italy has recognised that improved fire safety is imperative, this will likely be the catalyst for other European countries to do the same. Ramtech urges that action is taken now, as despite campsites being full of potential fire hazards and elements that can cause a small blaze to spread within minutes, most current regulations allow low-level protection.

“The good news is that wireless systems have become the most appropriate way of guarding a site and raising the alarm in case of fire, enabling guests to take action and evacuate, which, in turn, helps to avoid serious damage and prevents potential loss of life. The speed of response that this brings – combined with the ease of management – can literally save lives in an emergency situation.

“Overall, wireless technology can provide operators and travellers the peace of mind that camping has never been safer. And, if something does go wrong, there is a reliable failsafe option to alert guests of danger, allowing a swift and effective evacuation process. Park operators and their contractors must now make the investment to ensure they remain open and reputable if the worst was to happen.”

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