The WES wireless emergency alert system specifically created for North America

WES3 is the latest in emergency evacuation alarm system innovation developed by the electronics experts at Ramtech. This fully customizable, wireless system has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast, and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of construction sites. WES3 comes with a market-leading two-year warranty.

The system is comprised of several different types of units for optimum protection including smoke and heat sensors, call points, interface units, and more. With no wires or cords to install, each unit can be placed unobtrusively according to the site’s unique monitoring needs. This is a system that can grow with your site, adding more units as construction progresses.

Flexible and adaptable wireless security solutions for every site

The most advanced system we have produced, WES3 has been created to safeguard both personnel and property. Some highlights of WES3 that our customers rave about:

Icon - Medical Alert

Raise the alert from any point in the network to the CONNECT control unit. To take it one step further, it also links to our cloud-based REACT app.

Icon - Horn Strobe

Unlike an airhorn, clearly audible alarms and bright strobe lights in multiple locations leave no question for those onsite that it is necessary to exit. A faster evacuation is a safer evacuation for everyone.

Icon - Time Delay

Enables site managers to establish whether a false alarm has been raised. It can also be used to undertake a staged evacuation process.

Icon - Alarm

Turn off the alarm sounder on other stations and enable a lower level alert to indicate there is an issue without triggering a full evacuation.

Full isolation system test mode

Test individual alarm points without the need to trigger the entire system. The range now includes our latest system control unit, WES3 CONNECT, which offers enhanced features over the standard base station including:

  • Full 4G connectivity enabling off-site communications
  • Designed for REACT
  • Large color screen with new menus
  • Improved ergonomics via a new numerical keypad
WES North America - WES Connect on Site
WES - Building Layout Example

Easy set up that requires no special tools or expertise. Protection that’s ready when you are.

The units that make up the WES3 system can be deployed as soon as the building is out of the ground. Setup is quick and easy – it takes just a few minutes for your units to be a network on active duty protecting your site and workers.

Units are placed in accordance with your fire plan – usually at each stairway and elevator – and can be added as the build progresses. Units can be numbered according to your fire plan for easy identification in the event of an emergency. Heat, smoke and unique dust-resistant sensors provide active evacuation protection in enclosed areas.

WES3 North America Product Range

CONNECT / Base Station
Call Points
Heat Sensor
Smoke Sensor

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