WES3 Interface

Network your WES system with other systems on site

Utilizing relay logic, the WES3 Interface Unit allows connection of the network to other systems onsite to give you greater control over safety and security. Commonly, these systems include access controls such as turnstile gates. The interface unit can be programmed to deactivate turnstiles, putting them in free spin, in the event of an emergency evacuation when every second counts.

This unit can also be connected so that the WES3 wireless alarm system can be triggered to sound the alarm by an external system such as a stand pipe monitor, or configured so that the WES system going into alarm triggers an action on the part of an external system such as an auto dialer or access control.

Please note that due to variables in electrical components of third-party systems, it is recommended that WES3 Interface Units be installed by qualified personnel.

WES3 Interface

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