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Prevent water damage during construction and refurbishment projects

Ramtech water leak detection solution with real-time alerts

While fire is responsible for the largest insurance losses in construction, escape of water is still the most common – and most costly – for construction project teams. Water damage represents a large percentage of Construction All Risk (CAR) claims. In response to the increasing threat of water damage, we have introduced a new water detection solution as part of our REACT notification system. If water is detected, Ramtech’s responsive technology ensures all relevant personnel receive real-time notification via the REACT app, along with a graphical map for quick and easy identification of the position where the leak has been detected.

Our water detection sensors placed strategically throughout your site or facility can be your best protection against potential damage from Escape of Water.

Find out more about our water detection solution with this animated explainer video.

Prevent the ripple effects of water damage on your construction project today!  For more information, download our product sheet below.

Product Sheet

How does our water leak detection work?

The system is completely wireless and can be commissioned in a matter of minutes by connecting the water leak detection cable/tape into the WES system. The system provides 24/7 monitoring on site and immediately alerts relevant personnel if a water leak is detected. This means even out of hours, or in remote locations on site where a leak is unlikely to be visually identified, the REACT system will continue to monitor the site and alert relevant personnel if a leak is detected.

What components make up the Ramtech Water Leak Detection solution?

Water Detection Cable / Tape

Available in both cable and tape formats, the completely wireless water leak sensors are light-weight and simple to install with no need for specialist tools or equipment. Ramtech water detection sensing cables are available in a variety of lengths: 2m (6.5ft) | 5m (16.4ft) | 10m (32.8ft) | 15m (50ft) | 25m (82ft) | 100m (328ft)reel

Water Interface Unit

WES Water Interface unit monitors the attached water sensing cable or tape for leaks along its entire length. The presence of water between the two conductive cores triggers an alarm to the WES Connect Control unit.


Connect Unit

WES Connect Control unit will continuously monitor the water leak sensing cable or tape for the presence of water. If water is detected, all relevant personnel will receive a real-time notification by text, email or the REACT mobile app. This allows for a fast, efficient, and effective response to the incident to help prevent damage and limit costs associated with downtime and repairs. Data will be captured, including the date, time and zone location for records.


REACT Software

The complete water detecting solution includes REACT – a cloud-based solution which raises alerts in real time, sending notifications straight to the people who can act on them, along with a graphical map for quick and easy identification of the position where the activation occurred.


Frequently asked questions about Ramtech Water Leak Detection

Each interface has been tested to a maximum of 50m(164ft). We recommend doing shorter runs of no longer than 25m(82ft) for easy deployment, maintenance, and detection.

The following pre-terminated lengths of water detection cable are available:

  • 2m (6.5ft)
  • 5m (16ft)
  • 10m (32ft)
  • 15m (52ft)
  • 25m (82ft)
  • 100m (328ft) reel

Custom lengths are also available on request but incur a small surcharge.

Ramtech Water Detection Tape is available in 25m(82ft) and 50m(164ft) drums

Our water detection solution can be easily interfaced with third party equipment, such as water shut off valves, via use of our interface unit.

The Ramtech Water Leak Detection Solutions are ideally suited for early warning of water leaks in a wide variety of applications. Planning and correct placement of the sensor cable and tape will maximise the effectiveness of the system to detect water leaks and trigger an alarm. Before starting the installation, please refer to the WES Interface Manual and Installation guide available, here.

Yes. The Ramtech Water Leak Detection Cable and tape are constructed to minimise false alarms, including the use of a non-conductive polymer braid, by preventing the sensitive parts of the cable from touching conductive materials even though the cable may be laid directly onto a conductive surface.

To test the detection cable will detect a leak either dip the cable into a cup/tray containing a reasonable amount of water or take a piece of conductive wire and touch it between two black cores on adjacent sides.

A single water drop is enough for the system to detect water. Once cable or tape make contact with the water, the unit will trigger an alarm.

When you receive a water leak / water damage notification, it will identify in which zone location on the site where the leak has occurred. Locate the WES Interface unit that has sent the alarm and check the relevant length of leak detection cable/tape to determine where it is wet.

Once you have found the source of the leak, disconnect the leak detection tape/cable by removing the cable/tape from the bottom of the unit.

Repair the leak and let the cable/tape dry completely before re-connecting it to the WES Water Interface unit. If an alarm is raised immediately when you connect the cable/tape back in again then it is not yet dry. Disconnect and leave for a further period to dry then re-connect.

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