WES3 - Interface - Front

WES3 Interface (Standard)

Easily connect your WES system to other systems on site

The WES3 Interface unit allows you to integrate your EN54-25 compliant WES3 network with a host of other building managements and emergency systems on site including access control systems, lifts and emergency lighting. The WES3 Interface is suited to a wide range of projects, be it a new build through to extensive refurbishment projects. The Interface is capable of communicating with most commonly used technologies in existing buildings, construction projects and site cabins. Examples of these include:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Access control turnstiles and barriers
  • Auto diallers
  • Security monitoring systems
  • AOV (automatic opening vent) systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • BMS (Building management systems)
  • Temporary stand pipe flow switches

WES3 - Water Interface - Front

WES3 Interface (Water)

WES3 Water Interface unit monitors the water sensing cable or tape for leaks and faults along its entire length. The presence of water between the two conductive cores triggers an alarm to the WES Connect Control unit.

For more information about our water detection solution visit our water leak detection page.

WES3 - Medical Interface - Front

WES3 Interface (Medical)

WES3 Medical Interface unit is an effective and simple solution for your medical notification needs. When the interface unit has been triggered, the connected auto-dialler or REACT Emergency Notification System will automatically send real-time alerts to all relevant personal. This will provide a fast and reliable warning without having to active the entire network ensuring peace of mind.

WES3 - Maintenance Interface - Front

WES3 Interface (Maintenance)

WES3 Maintenance Interface unit will detect any maintenance issues from any unit in the WES network and raise an alert as soon as the fault/issue is detected.

These alerts include:

  • Internal tamper
  • Detector tamper
  • Back tamper
  • No radio
  • Low radio
  • Low battery
  • Flat battery

Other units in the WES3 range:


The latest WES system control unit, featuring many enhancements over the standard base station.

Base Station

The brains behind the WES solution. Control your system from these clever control units.

Call Point

Manual raise fire evacuation or medical alerts with this IP55 rated, robust device.

Heat Detector

Detects abnormal heat rises below and around the sensor for 24/7 coverage.

Smoke Detector

Innovative technology means this detector can pick out smoke particles for 24/7 coverage.


Rarely required, however the Link boosts signal range of your WES system if required.