WES3 - Heat Detector - Front

WES3 Heat Detector

Early warning of abnormal heat to pre-warn of potential fires

WES3 heat detectors are an integral part of the system, providing essential detection in and out of working hours on all types of construction projects. Unlike smoke detectors that detect the presence of smoke particles, heat detectors only react to changes in temperature. The WES3 Heat Detector is a thermistor based detector, which uses electronic components that change their resistance when heated; this change is detected by circuitry within the detector.

  • EN54-25 certified
  • Completely wireless battery-operated unit with 3-year battery life.
  • Automatically detects rises in heat (between 54°C and 70°C)
  • Activated unit flashes for 30 minutes after activation to enable easy identification
  • Ceiling mounted and suitable for internal use

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