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This website uses cookies set by us and by third parties. Further information on these cookies is set out below. Please read this information carefully. You may opt-out of the use of cookies at any time by adjusting your cookie privacy settings to manage your cookies being processed via your browser settings. Please be aware that declining or denying cookies may prevent you from being able to use the Website to its highest capability.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device (e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone) when you visit our website. They serve various purposes, including enhancing website functionality, improving user experience, and providing valuable insights.

Types of Cookies We Use

We employ different types of cookies to improve your browsing experience and provide our services:

  • Essential Cookies: These are vital for the website to function properly. They enable core features such as security, user authentication, and accessibility.
  • Non-essential Cookies: These cookies are not strictly necessary for the basic functionality of the website but provide significant benefits. They can be further categorised as follows:
    • Performance and Analytics Cookies: These cookies help us analyse how visitors use our website, allowing us to enhance performance, identify areas for improvement, and offer a better user experience. We utilise Google Analytics and HubSpot services for this purpose.
    • Functionality Cookies: Functionality cookies allow the website to remember your preferences, such as language settings and login credentials, to provide a more personalised experience.
    • Targeting and Advertising Cookies: We or our advertising partners may use these cookies to deliver content and advertisements tailored to your interests. This helps us better understand our audience and optimise our advertising efforts.

Cookie Duration

Cookies may have different durations. Some are session cookies, which are temporary and deleted when you close your browser, while others are persistent cookies that remain on your device for a longer period or until manually removed.

Cookie Consent

Upon your first visit to our website, you will encounter a cookie banner requesting your consent to use cookies. By accepting you agree to the use of cookies as outlined in this policy.

Changes to This Policy

We may periodically update this Cookie Policy to reflect changes in our practices or for legal, operational, or regulatory reasons. We will notify you of any changes by posting the updated policy on our website.

What types of cookies do we use?

There are a number of different types of cookies, however, our website uses:

Name Cookie Essential / Non-Essential Purpose
Cookie Preference uncode_privacy[consent_types] Essential The uncode_privacy[consent_types] cookie is used on our website to record and respect your consent preferences, ensuring that we only engage in data processing activities that you have explicitly approved, in line with our commitment to your privacy rights as detailed in our cookie policy.
Language Selection Language Essential This cookie is used to remember any selection a user has made about language on, using the language selector, so that the site will be shown in their chosen language when returning to the site.
Securi sucuric_prtmpcb Essential The sucuric_prtmpcb cookie is part of our security measures, deployed to ensure the integrity of your browsing experience and to protect our website from potential threats, as detailed in our cookie policy.
Analytics _gcl_au Non-Essential Our cookie policy includes the _gcl_au cookie, utilized for understanding user interaction with our website through ad conversion tracking, aiding us in optimising our marketing efforts.
Wordpress wpEmojiSettingsSupports Essential Our website uses wpEmojiSettingsSupports to ensure proper display of emojis across all devices and browsers, which may store a minimal amount of data on your device to maintain this functionality.
Wordpress webp_lossy_supported Essential In order to provide you with faster loading images while preserving visual quality, our site employs the webp_lossy_supported cookie to ascertain if your browser can display WebP format images that use lossy compression.
Wordpress webp_lossless_supported Essential Our cookie policy includes the use of webp_lossless_supported, which helps us determine whether your browser supports advanced image formats for an improved and faster web experience without compromising image quality.
Hubspot hubspotutk Non-Essential This particular cookie is responsible for monitoring a visitor’s identity. It gets transmitted to HubSpot upon form submission and plays a role in de-duplicating contacts. It contains an opaque GUID to uniquely identify the current visitor, and its validity extends for a period of 6 months.
Hubspot __hstc Non-Essential This serves as the primary cookie for monitoring visitor activity. It encompasses essential information, including the domain, hubspotutk, initial timestamp (for the first visit), last timestamp (for the last visit), current timestamp (for the ongoing visit), and session number (which increases with each subsequent session). Its validity period extends for 6 months.
Hubspot __hssrc Non-Essential This cookie is set by HubSpot to check if a visitor has restarted their browser whenever HubSpot modifies the session cookie. If this particular cookie is absent when HubSpot is managing cookies, it signifies the start of a new session. When this cookie is present, it holds the value “1.” Its lifespan is tied to the end of the current session.
Hubspot __hssc Non-Essential This cookie is responsible for monitoring user sessions. It is used to decide whether HubSpot should update the session number and timestamps in the __hstc cookie. Within this cookie, we can find information about the domain, view count (which increments with each page view during a session), and the timestamp indicating the start of the session. Its duration is set to 30 minutes.

How do I change my cookie settings?

You have the option to control and manage cookies through your browser settings. You can configure your browser to block, delete, or notify you when a cookie is being set. Keep in mind that disabling cookies may impact the functionality and user experience of our website. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit or

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