Help protect your personnel, property and equipment with REACT

Ramtech’s REACT solution combines innovative wireless technology, cloud-based data, a simple-to-use mobile phone app and browser management tool to create a fully integrated, real time emergency response system that can protect a site 24/7. Project management teams receive real-time information regarding site emergencies and other alerts raised on site. REACT works has been designed to work with Ramtech’s WES3 system to create a complete solution to safeguard your personnel, assets and property. The REACT system has been developed specifically to provide teams with a simple and secure means of communicating fire, medical and other site emergencies to affected personnel, both on and off site.

REACT Mobile App

The user-friendly REACT app delivers real-time alerts to all relevant personnel, along with emergency response information such as site plans, evacuation routes and emergency procedures.

  • The App is used by personnel to raise alerts on-site (e.g. water damage, fire, hazard warnings, medical alerts)
  • Multi-platform app available for Apple and Android devices
  • Adjustable to meet the needs of your site
REACT - Jonathan Using REACT
REACT - Desktop Application - Ramtech

REACT Browser Management Platform

The nerve centre of the REACT solution, the online platform allows easy online setup and customisation of users, sites, workgroups, documents, locations and alerts.

  • Highly customisable system – equally suitable to small or large projects
  • Activity log stored online for auditing or incident investigation
  • Administrators can update all elements of the platform as required instantly, from map changes to adding or removing users

REACT can be used with WES

REACT is designed to work entirely independently, but it has also been designed to work with 3rd party applications such as our innovative WES3 technology. WES3 evacuation/fire units are deployed across site to create a secure, wireless network, incorporating manual call points, the unique to WES dust resistant automatic smoke and heat detectors/sensors, links and more. These then communicate via the cloud with REACT.

  • WES3 units incorporate fire alarms, smoke/heat detection and medical alerts
  • Inspection delay mode to prevent false alarms
  • Completely wireless and battery-powered system
  • Units are simple to position, relocate, and remove
REACT - Alert Monitoring App

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