Construction sites are subject to many dangerous scenarios

One of the which is fire. WES3 is a system that helps you achieve NFPA241 and OSHA safetyand health regulations for construction.

WES3 is the latest in evacuation and emergency alarm system innovation developed by the experts at Ramtech Electronics. Designed to leading standards, this advanced alarm system has been developed to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating evacuation and medical emergencies in the complex environment of construction job sites.

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Benefits of the WES3 evacuation solution:

  • WES3 units can help your project achieve NFPA241 and the OSHA safety and health regulations for construction. It also carries FCC approval
  • Rapid deployment – a working, paired system in minutes
  • Adapts to your site – add, remove and reposition units easily
  • 2 year warranty
  • 3 year battery life (under normal use)
  • Connect WES into other 3rd party systems on site
  • Unique dust resistant automatic smoke sensors

Developed in-house at Ramtech, the latest innovative solution – WES3 – is a truly global emergency evacuation alarm system, currently protecting sites in over 20 countries around the world. Using our innovative radio technology, WES3 has been developed to satisfy all applicable Radio and Communications legislation in international territories, including the relevant parts of ETSI, FCC and EMC test standards. The WES3 system is user friendly, robust, reliable, proven, cost-effective and is supported by our network of outstanding partners.


The annual average fires in structures under construction or renovation.


The annual average cost of direct property damage in structures under construction or major renovation.


The annual average civilian injuries in structures under construction or major renovation.


The annual average civilian deaths in structures under construction or major renovation.

SOURCE: NFPA / Quincy, MA (2017) Fires in Structures Under Construction or Renovation. National Fire Protection Association Applied Research, 2020. Figures represent annual average between 2013 and 2017.

WES3 wireless vs. wired evacuation system - what is the difference?

The WES wireless evacuation solution is perfect for construction job sites when compared to a wired system. Construction and renovation sites evolve in time, which means having a flexible, re-positional system with a 3 year battery life (under standard site conditions) and off-site communication capabilities like WES3 is ideal for this environment. Below is a breakdown of the differences:

WES Wireless System Wired System
No need for an engineer to install Complex installation
No risk of wires being cut accidentally Wire damage can cause site-wide issues
Fully operating system in minutes System only active once everything in place
Units can be repositioned easily Repositioning difficult and complex
Add or remove units when required Adding or remove units difficult
3 year battery life, ideal for construction Wired power, complex to change

WES3 wireless vs. hand held air horn evacuation - what is the difference?

Sites across North America are still using the hand-held air horn as a safety device warning of fires and similar incidents. By modern standards, this is sub-standard. Deploying the WES evacuation system on a construction job site vs. the air horn has so many advantages. Let’s look at some differences:

WES Air Horn
Full site wide evacuation at the push of a button Yes No
Addressable system so you know where the activation took place Yes No
Ability to add in heat and smoke sensors giving 24 hour protection Yes No
Visual as well as audible alarm. Distinguishable above background sounds Yes No
Medical call feature giving extra functionality Yes No

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How is WES deployed on site?

The WES3 system is easy to set up and install on any given construction site. The emergency control unit for the site – either a WES3 CONNECT or a standard WES3 Emergency Control Unit depending on the system you chose – is normally located in a site cabin or office. Then, WES3 call points are mounted vertically on walls or trolleys throughout a site, with WES automatic heat and smoke sensors mounted horizontally on poles or ceilings, in zones where increased heat or smoke could develop. To boost signal strength on complex or very large sites, WES3 Link units are available. Another benefit is that 3rd party systems can be linked to the WES system via a WES3 Interface unit. From a few units to hundreds, WES3 is suitable for all types and size of site across North America.

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