WES3 - Smoke Sensor - Front

WES3 Smoke Sensor

Unique to WES, this sensor will isolate smoke even in dusty environments.

Unique to WES, the dust-resistant smoke sensor with dual optic technology minimizes the risk of false alarms. Using the scattered light principle, the WES dust-resistant smoke sensor goes one step further and uses both IR and blue LEDs to provide a more accurate measurement of particles within the chamber. By calculating the ratio of these light sources, which operate at different wavelengths, the unit can determine the particle size and thus distinguish between smoke and non-combustion products such as steam and dust. With 4G functionality means your site is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Completely wireless battery-operated unit with 3-year battery life.
  • Dual optical technology, eliminates false alarms
  • Activated unit flashes for 30 minutes after activation to enable easy identification
  • Ceiling mounted and suitable for internal use

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