Protecting your team, equipment and properties on site

No matter which country you are based in, it has never been more important, especially in today’s climate, to maximise the safety and monitoring of your site. Designed specifically to help keep your site or sites safe, Ramtech’s REACT platform is a cloud-based solution that can raise alerts in real time, sent straight to the people who can act on them. 24/7 monitoring and alerts are communicated via a simple to use mobile app that sends data instantly via the cloud to those who need to know – meaning they can respond as necessary, rapidly. The system is designed for any site across the world where emergencies could be a realistic factor to consider. This includes construction sites, leisure/caravan parks, heavy industry, transport hubs, airports, shipyards and many more.

REACT gives you extra peace of mind that your sites have that extra level of health and safety protection that could mean so much. Watch the video further down this page to find out more about how REACT will work for you.

Key benefits of REACT for your business

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Accurate, specific and personalised notifications delivered to all the people that need it in real-time.

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Alert notifications can have customised receivers, no matter where in the world they are.

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Two-way communications mean alert response is required and recorded for accountability.

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Alerts and branding easily customised to match your needs.

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REACT can connect to a Ramtech WES network, a Ramtech WiSE network, both, or neither – plus it can work very effectively as a standalone system.

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Our experts will work with you to make sure you fully understand the system. We provide dedicated ‘How To’ videos, additional online support such as Live Demonstrations and a customer support helpline, where you can speak directly to our product experts.

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The user-friendly REACT app delivers real-time alerts to all relevant personnel, along with emergency response information such as site plans, evacuation routes and emergency procedures.

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The nerve centre of the REACT solution, the online platform allows easy online setup and customisation of users, sites, workgroups, documents, locations and alerts.

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This raises a fire alert within REACT if such an emergency was to occur. This alert further supports the WES range of wireless emergency alarms, if you are using them on-site.

Icon - Medical

This quick and easy alert is a fast way to alert those who need to know about medical emergencies of any kind, whether it has happened to the User or someone close to them on site.

Icon - Water Damage

This alert is suitable for emergencies or problems related to Water Damage, be it a burst pipe, sewage issues or flooding. You can also attach an image of the incident.

Icon - Security

Perfect for those who work alone who could be exposed to dangers, this feature allows them to check in at regular intervals with the added advantage of location positioning via GPS.

Icon - SOS

This emergency alert is ideal for alerting receivers to an unexpected situation, which could be anything from a suspicious package to being stranded somewhere out of reach on a particular site.

Icon - Hazard

This alert is used if any kind of hazard is noticed on site, from a spillage to a broken ladder. You can also take a photograph of the hazard in question which is recorded.

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