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We have come a long way… And our customers have been at the heart.

In 1990, the Ramtech story began with humble beginnings. From a small team of just a handful of people, we have grown and expanded over the last 30 years into a wireless technology specialist that exports products to almost 30 countries across the world, with an increased specialism in IoT (Internet of Things). We now employ over 70 people who are based at our international HQ in Nottingham, England and out in the field – across the UK, Europe, North America and more.

We created our first wireless alarm in 1991 for the leisure industry, commonly referred to as the ‘Ramtech Alarm’, which formed the basic origins of the WiSE security and monitoring platform we have recently launched. In the late 1990s we expanded our in-house capabilities, which led to the creation of the Product Innovation team, which in turn led to the development of our own Ramtech radio technology. The success of the leisure industry alarm and the expertise we gained internally helped us grow the company further, rapidly.

Wireless innovators

Constant innovations in the leisure wireless range led Ramtech to develop the pioneering WES range of wireless temporary fire alarm systems, starting with WES1 in 2009, specifically developed for the construction industry and developed in conjunction with leading construction companies. This started a rapid period of development for Ramtech wireless communication technology.

With further innovations to our WES1 system and the development of the widely used Ramtech 7000 leisure industry wireless alarm, we achieved ISO 9001 accreditation in 2013. This led us to create the second generation WES wireless temporary fire alarm system – WES+ – which is still in use across hundreds of sites across the world and was the first of its kind to be approved to EN54-25, a crucial standard for construction sites across Europe.

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Expanding across the globe

As our product range grew, so did our sales. In 2016 we started to build a dedicated export sales team. This was supported by additional growth in all departments across the business, from Accounts to Logistics, to support the growing sales.

As the new decade got closer, we launched WES3 – our 3rd generation WES emergency alert system – which included innovations such as a medical alert and pre-alarm functions. This system is fully compliant to EN54-25 standards. The latest addition to the WES3 range is the CONNECT unit, a new enhanced control unit, with 4G capabilities for greater off site communication – developed as a direct result of customer need. As we grow our IoT specialism, our latest solution is Ramtech REACT – a cloud-based alert and monitoring system designed to protect sites, people, assets and properties via an app-driven solution.

Ramtech Electronics have been supplying innovative wireless solutions since 1990 from our Nottingham headquarters. Our first solution was to the UK leisure industry, and now nearly 30 years on, we deliver solutions in multiple sectors around the world.