WES3 CONNECT and Base Station

The brains behind the WES3 system

The WES3 system’s Control Units are the real brains behind the fully EN54-25 compliant WES3 system. From this, you can access extensive reports and functionality, including interaction with the optional  REACT cloud-based software.

Both types of control unit have the long battery life of the other elements of WES system, aligned with wireless mobility and durability.

  • Includes programming functions, so you can edit site name and SMS numbers directly from your control unit.
  • Real time System Log records activations and warnings, so you can monitor activity and history across your whole WES system.
  • 4G (CONNECT) / GSM (Base Station) versions available, enabling users to receive configurable SMS notifications of alarm, tamper or system faults.
  • CONNECT links with REACT for added functionality.
  • Access code protection of all system settings and alarm reset for maximum accountability
  • Unit numbering, enabling easy identification of activated units directly from the control unit
  • Recent events logged in memory for Health and Safety audit procedures
  • 3-year Battery life (under normal usage conditions), reducing lifetime costs and need for constant replacement.
  • CONNECT features the latest features vs. the Base Station, with added benefits including 4G connectivity and improved ergonomics.
WES 3 - Connect

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