WES protects industrial properties, construction sites and temporary buildings worldwide

The WES wireless fire and safety product range from Ramtech is market leading and is now used globally by many leading firms to help safeguard their assets from the risk of fire and more. WES emergency alert systems are being used right now on industrial properties, construction sites, heritage buildings and much more worldwide. Designed to suit small sites to vast, complex projects, you are sure to find the right WES solution to help protect your site from potentially devastating events.

Benefits of the WES3 and WES+ solutions

  • All current WES systems are fully EN54-25 compliant
  • Rapid deployment – a working, paired system in minutes
  • Adapts to your site – add, remove and reposition units easily
  • Long last battery life – 3 years under normal conditions
  • 2 year warranty across the range
  • Connect WES into other 3rd party systems on site
  • Unique dust resistant automatic smoke detection
  • Available to purchase outright or to rent

Developed in-house at Ramtech, the latest innovative solution – WES3 – is built on our experience of creating the original WES system then WES+, the first temporary wireless fire alarm system to be fully compliant to EN54-25 and developed specifically as a fire alarm for the construction industry. The WES system includes features unique to the market, including dust resistant smoke detection and the innovative CONNECT wireless control system (WES3 only). We also supply fire safety accessories for construction sites and more, including site fire safety trolleys and emergency signs.


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WES3 versus WES+ - what is the difference?

WES is currently available in two variations – both of which are fully supported by our teams. The latest WES3 range offers wireless fire safety like never before. With enhanced features including a medical call point, 4G off-site connectivity, 3rd party system integration and more, it’s trusted across the world to protect all manner of construction sites, temporary buildings and a range of industrial sites such as power stations and shipyards. WES+ is similar and still suits many sites, offering the same fire safeguarding as WES3 with less features. Below is a breakdown of the differences:

Medical call point Yes No
Optional inspection delay Yes No
Pre-alarm functions Yes No
Full isolation system test mode Yes No
CONNECT next generation 4G control unit Yes No
Works with Ramtech REACT Yes No

How is WES deployed on site?

WES wireless fire alarm systems are very simple to set up and install on any given site. The control unit for the site – a CONNECT or Base Station depending on the system you chose – is normally located in a cabin or site office. WES call points are mounted vertically on walls or trolleys throughout a site, with WES heat and smoke detectors mounted horizontally on ceilings or poles close to areas where increased heat or smoke could develop. Complex or very large sites can also be protected with the additional of WES Link units, which boost the signal strength. 3rd party systems can be linked to the WES system via a WES Interface unit. From a few units to hundreds, WES is suitable for all type and size of site.

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