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WES3 Link

Boost your WES3 system range

The Link unit is a simple, cost-effective way to extend the range of your WES3 temporary fire alarm system on very large-scale sites.

Do you need a link? In most cases, you’ll probably never need a radio repeater link unit for your WES3 system – each unit has excellent wireless range already that will cover most large structures. However, if you do receive a low signal warning, for example if a far-off call point becomes more obscured as a build progresses and starts to lose signal, you can add a Link unit to boost the signal and make sure your fire alarm system continues to work optimally.


  • Completely wireless battery-operated unit with 3-year battery life.
  • Wireless signal relay transmission unit
  • Ideal for use where a longer operating range is required

Other units in the WES3 range:


The latest WES system control unit, featuring many enhancements over the standard base station.

Base Station

The brains behind the WES solution. Control your system from these clever control units.

Call Point

Manually raise fire evacuation or medical alerts with this IP55 rated, robust device.

Heat Detector

Detects abnormal heat rises below and around the sensor for 24/7 coverage.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector with dual optic technology minimises the risk of false alarms.


Link your WES system with other 3rd party systems on site, including access control and more.