WES3 - Base Station - Front

WES3 Base Station

The brains behind the WES3 system

WES3 Base Station is the primary control unit for the WES3 network. Enables full management and real-time diagnostics for any connected units. An accurate log of all system events can be downloaded via USB to allow robust reporting of on-site issues.


  • Completely wireless battery-operated unit with 3-year battery life.
  • Real-time system log records, activations and warnings, monitor activity and history across your WES network.
  • Capture data from up to 999 devices

Other units in the WES3 range:


The latest WES system control unit, featuring many enhancements over the standard base station.

Call Point

Manual raise fire evacuation or medical alerts with this IP55 rated, robust device.

Heat Sensor

Detects abnormal heat rises below and around the sensor for 24/7 coverage.

Smoke Sensor

Innovative technology means this detector can pick out smoke particles for 24/7 coverage.


Link your WES system with other 3rd party systems on site, including access control and more.


Rarely required, however the Link boosts signal range of your WES system if required.