WES3 CONNECT and Base Station

The control unit of the WES3 system

Each WES unit is addressable, and in the event of an emergency, CONNECT immediately identifies the location of the activated unit. This means quicker response times and a safer job site. CONNECT is the real brains behind the whole WES3 system. From here you can access extensive reports and functionality including interaction with the optional REACT cloud-based software. The CONNECT unit has the long battery life of the other elements of the WES system aligned with wireless mobility and durability and includes:

  • Full 4G connectivity to communicate via text notification
  • Ergonomic numerical keypad
  • Large color screen
  • Includes programming functions to input and edit custom information
  • Real-time system log records activations and warnings
  • Links with REACT for added functionality
  • Access code protection of all system settings and alarm reset for maximum accountability
WES3 Connect

Other units in the WES3 range:

Call Point
Smoke Sensor
Heat Sensor

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