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Videos & Literature

Deploying WES on site

Just how do you install WES3 wireless evacuation units on your construction job site? Find out here!

An overview of WES3 for North America

In this video, we take a look at the WES3 wireless evacuation system for construction sites across North America. You’ll discover how the system is different and what units make up the system.

Works with WES3 - What is Ramtech REACT?

For our audience in North America, this video looks at the REACT 24/7 cloud based site safety system. You will get a strong understanding of this innovation safety tool, that works across sectors where emergencies are a realistic factor to consider. It works with WES3, or completely independently.

WES3 CONNECT Control Unit Features

Now available in North America, the latest innovation to the WES3 system is the CONNECT control unit. Discover it’s advantages.

WES3 Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

Officially unlimited, although we have field tested to 250 units.

Off site communication allowing 24/7 can be arranged via our REACT cloud based notification system.

Yes you can. The WES system has an optional interface unit for such requirements – with this you can link to 3rd party systems such as turnstiles, lifts, existing fire systems, stand pipe monitors etc.

For many sites, WES is easy to self-install. If you have any specific requirements, please contact your distributor.

Yes the system can be re-deployed on an unlimited projects. The battery life of each unit is around 3 years under normal use, they can then be replaced at cost.

Yes, very easily and quickly. They can be moved as your site changes also, and units can be removed if required.

Signal strength varies based on environmental and other factors. Open air line of site is up to 3280ft. / 1,000 metres. Often throughout buildings the range is 656-1640ft. / 200-500 metres.

Currently the WES system can only be purchase outright in North America. However, this may change, so please contact your distributor for the latest information.

Yes, all activity reports to the emergency control unit / CONNECT unit.

Yes, there is an anti-tamper feature on the rear of each unit.

Yes, available on first time set up, from 1 minute up to 10 minutes, with 1 minute increments.