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Four ways Ramtech can support your holiday park to keep it safe and secure during off-peak season

From small, rural holiday parks to big national brands, Ramtech’s personalised wireless monitoring solutions are designed to give site managers peace of mind — and now that autumn is here, it is the perfect time to think about investing in site security.

With three decades of experience in the wireless technology industry, Ramtech’s comprehensive systems are a simple and effective way to keep site managers and holiday homeowners connected and aware. While we all hope that there will never be a holiday home intrusion or accident, the reality is that this can’t be guaranteed. In the quieter months, risks of break-ins, arson and theft can increase — so being prepared for any eventuality is always the best course of action.

Ramtech’s WISE system, which is a reliable business information and 24/7 monitoring platform providing real time alerts, data, and information about security coverage, is linked to the Ramtech REACT platform, a mobile device app and a management/admin tool accessed via a web browser to create a fully integrated, instant emergency response system.

Powered by long-life batteries and connected to a reliable radio technology, the WISE security system allows thousands of devices to be linked to a central base station that creates an instant alert via email, text, or pager. WISE is not dependent on SIM or WiFi to function, which is great for secluded cabins to coastal retreats with little or no data or internet coverage.

You can even use WISE in conjunction with other useful systems, such as the Ramtech WES3 – an EN54-25 compliant addressable wireless fire alarm system, with automatic smoke and heat detectors designed to respond to site incidents and maintaining 24/7 coverage.

Whichever Ramtech system you choose, we guarantee excellent support. Discover the four ways holiday parks are supported when they choose Ramtech’s wireless technology:

1) All year-round protection

Ramtech’s systems are designed to suit a variety of sites and offer continuous 24/7 safeguarding from the point of installation. Once installed our cloud-based, user-friendly security solution gives you round-the-clock protection, with alerts sent to your phone in real-time. Take the pressure off your team and leave the monitoring to Ramtech’s all-encompassing systems. Our WISE platform reduces the complexity of your risk management processes and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your site will be backed up by extensive support from our office and field-based teams.

2) Quick and easy installation

Thanks to the wireless nature of the systems, the installation process is speedy, simple, and carried out by the Ramtech team. As nothing is wired, you are provided you with a working system and immediate protection in minutes. What’s more, there is no costly electrical engineering involved and no time-consuming fitting.

Ramtech engineers will ensure your system is up and running, as well as demonstrate all the features. The system is even adaptable to your site, meaning you can add, remove, or reposition units easily as needed. You can monitor alerts via the handy REACT mobile app, so you can respond rapidly to notifications as soon as they come in.

3) Annual services included

All systems are kept in top condition, year-round. As part of your subscription, engineers will perform remote health checks and one in-person check a year. Your units are continually monitored by the team, so in the unlikely event any problems arise, or your system goes offline, we will be the first to know.

We also provide support through dedicated ‘how to’ videos, additional online support such as live demonstrations and a customer support helpline, where you can talk to your product experts.

4) Expert support on hand 24/7

If you ever need advice or help with your system, speak to one of our experienced team members over the phone. If the issue can’t be solved remotely, we’ll arrange for an engineer to visit your site, at no extra cost to you.

Protect your park with our state-of-the-art systems and request a free demo by contacting the Ramtech team at wes@ramtechglobal.com or give us a call on +44(0)115822.