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Ramtech has been protecting holiday parks throughout the UK for over 30 years. WiSE wireless security solution gives you peace of mind that your holiday park business and on-park properties are being securely monitored 24/7. Additionally it will give your park an additional and recurring revenue stream for your park. Our security products are powered by long-life batteries and connected to our reliable radio technology that allows thousands of devices to be linked to a central base station that creates an instant alert via email, text or pager. Using RFID technology, security teams can check into designated security points and, using the online platform, managers can review any security alerts and if the team responded to them. By using this technology, WiSE is not dependent on SIM or WiFi to function – great for sites with little or no data or internet coverage.

Benefits of the WiSE for security

Icon - Flexi Time

24/7 equipment monitoring

Icon - Anywhere on Park

Remote activation, all alarms can be set from one location

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Instant alert should an alarm be activated

Icon - Secure Radio Technology

Secure, reliable LPWAN radio technology

Icon - Long Battery Life

Long-life batteries make the units suitable for use anywhere

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Online tracking of alarm alert history

WiSE Security Solutions

Anytime, Anywhere: You're Connected and In Control

Monitor your WiSE alarm from your mobile, laptop or tablet at any time and from anywhere you are in the world. With the WiSE Platform, you can monitor site alerts and data, remotely arm and disarm alarms, and know who is going in and out of designated areas of your business.

REACT - Alert Monitoring App
WiSE - Key Tag

Smart Fobs: No Complicated Codes

Smart Fobs allow you to activate and deactivate your WiSE alarm system when you go in and out of on-park properties. No need to memorise complicated codes! Thanks to our Smart Fobs you can also monitor who is coming in and out and when. Simply assign a key to each individual employee or contractor.

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Ramtech Guarantee

With WiSE wireless monitoring security solution maintenance cost will be included in your annual subscription. We will take care of all replacements and repairs that your system may require and aid and support whenever you need it. You also will receive the latest software upgrades free of charge so that your security system is always up to date.

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