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WiSE is a wireless equipment monitoring solution that gives you peace of mind that your equipment is being securely monitored 24/7, even when you are not around.

Equipment failures can cost your business time and money. Our WiSE products are powered by long-life batteries and can be linked to monitor equipment failure in key areas including water, fuel pumps, sewage pumps, main power failures, flood as well as water leaks. By connecting your essential equipment to the WiSE Platform you can reduce the risk of disaster and environmental impact by knowing immediately if an incident is occurring enabling you to take action and turn a potential disaster into a maintenance task.

The flexible system is powered by long-life batteries and connected to our reliable LPWAN radio technology that allows thousands of devices to be linked to a central base station that creates an instant alert via the email, text, pager or online dashboard. By using this technology, WiSE is not dependent on SIM or WiFi to function.

Benefits of the WiSE equipment monitoring

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24/7 equipment monitoring

Gain 24/7 visibility into equipment performance to avoid unplanned downtime and inventory loss.

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Secure, reliable LPWAN radio technology

No need for SIM or WiFi network coverage to operate our robust cloud-connected solutions .

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Instant alert should equipment fail

Instant notification via email, text, pager or online platform, alerting you to potential faults, safeguarding pumps and downtime.

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Online tracking of alert history

Use the WiSE Platform to view equipment failure notifications and alert history log.

Where can you use WiSE for equipment monitoring?

WiSE is currently used by businesses to monitor equipment in both urban and rural locations. The long-life batteries in the units make them suitable for use anywhere. Our tried and tested LPWAN radio technology provides a closed secure network without the need for SIM or WiFi network coverage to operate so our robust cloud-connected solutions can be used to cover large geographic areas.

WiSE - Monitoring Software

How does the WiSE system work for equipment monitoring?

Our WiSE Hub forms the central point for each application with the ability to connect directly to the third party equipment or use one of our in-house accessories.

The long range (500-1000m per gateway) coverage means it can be used in urban and rural areas as well as in complex locations such as industrial buildings, holiday parks, rural areas, coastal locations and dispersed sites.

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