WiSE Wireless Monitoring Solutions – Fire and Safety

Developed by the same team behind the WiSE solution, the WES wireless fire alarm system is the best solution for many applications. The flexibility and endless combinations of wireless fire alarms make them a sound choice not only for areas of structural sensitivity but as a method of expanding and enhancing existing wired fire alarm systems. You can extend your fire alarm coverage with our market-leading EN54 compliant, battery powered fire products. By trusting Ramtech you can respond quickly to alerts, reducing the risk to life and damage to your property.

Linking your existing fire panel alarms to the WiSE Platform provides a wireless solution that gives you peace of mind that your site is being securely monitored 24/7 and that you will receive real-time alerts should an alarm be triggered.

Benefits of the WES system for fire safety

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24/7 monitoring

WES provides 24/7 automatic monitoring, and you can raise the alarm in the event of fire or other incident, even where mains power has been disconnected.

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Secure, reliable mesh technology

No need for WiFi network coverage to operate our robust cloud-connected solutions.

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Instant alert should an alarm be activated

Instant notification via email, text, pager or online platform, alerting you to potential fire risks.

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Online tracking of alert history

The combination of the platform and WES units allows the user to effectively track performance and pinpoint any faults on site.

Where can you use the WES?

The flexibility and speed of installation of the WES wireless fire alarm solution makes it the first choice technology for applications where temporary fire protection is needed such as holiday parks. The system is currently trusted to provide peace of mind to businesses in both urban and rural locations. The long-life batteries in the units make them suitable for use anywhere. Our tried and tested mesh technology provides a closed secure network without the need for WiFi network coverage to operate so our robust cloud-connected solutions can be used to cover large geographic areas.

How does the WES system work?

This advanced system has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of Holiday parks. WES3 comes with a market-leading two-year warranty. Building on the success of our pioneering WES+ range using Ramtech’s in-house expertise in wireless technology, WES3 offers the most up-to-date wireless fire / evacuation alarms available on the market.

The WES3 system range includes both automatic (smoke and heat detectors) and manual (call point) alert devices that connect via the mesh wireless network to the other units in the system including the control unit (CONNECT or Base Station), interface (allowing other 3rd party units to be connected to WES3) and link (signal booster for complex sites).

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