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UK holiday parks to reopen – keep things under control!

It has been a long time coming, but April 12th 2021 signifies the reopening of ‘holiday campsites’ following the UK government’s gradual lifting of lockdown rules. This is undoubtedly great news for the whole industry and our park operator customers in the holiday park sector.

Whilst this news gives a much-needed financial boost to parks and the ‘staycation’ industry as a whole, it also means that parks are more than likely to go from being very quiet to very busy, very quickly – possibly even extending the season due to foreign holidays still appearing to be some way off.

This is where WiSE from Ramtech can help operators stay in control in what is likely to be a complicated time whilst operations get back to full strength. WiSE is a wireless monitoring solution specifically created for holiday parks with more permanent accommodation, such as lodges. So what can WiSE offer?

Let us start with the ‘C’ word – Covid. It is very much still around and this makes cleaning park-wide more important and challenging than ever. The ‘Cleaner Complete’ solution is part of the WiSE cloud platform dashboard that includes staff and task management, as well as real-time data analytics. Cleaning of accommodation can be closely monitored so park management can tell what has been cleaned and what has not via staff tagging in / tagging out, meaning information is recorded immediately.

Additionally, WiSE offers peace of mind by increasing security on site. Wireless alarms can be located inside individual properties that mean 24/7 security monitoring is in place – especially useful when parks are busy and opportunistic thieves may be present.

WiSE also offers other features such as equipment monitoring. Breakdown of equipment on site could cost a park a substantial amount in time and money. This can be helped by WiSE equipment monitoring where failures can be highlighted quickly around the clock, so action can be taken to minimise disruption.


Visit our WiSE – Park Owners section for more information and get your park ready for the influx of new customers.