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Enabling holiday parks to revolutionise their park monitoring and security

With 30 years’ experience in security solutions within the Leisure industry, Ramtech is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of innovative wireless radio solutions to leisure park and mobile home site operators. In fact, at the very start of Ramtech we were producing equipment for leisure parks, so we are very knowledgeable and have worked for many years with key companies within the sector. We work with key players such as Park Dean Resorts and Bourne Leisure, through to individual park operators.

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Ramtech's team of specialist consultants and engineers know the holiday park sector and the unique challenges parks face on a day-to-day basis, especially following the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

After all, Ramtech's origins started in the holiday park sector, providing wireless alarms. We'll recommend the right solution(s) for your park.

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Ramtech have a range of technologies, all developed in-house, that can give your park added value in terms of monitoring and safety as a whole.

This includes the WISE wireless monitoring solution, REACT mobile app and WES3 wireless fire alarm and medical alert system.

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We pride ourselves on being quick to act when our system needs to be deployed on a holiday park. Whatever solution(s) you chose to support your business, our team will get you up and running as soon as possible.

Your site will see the benefits quickly and there's expert support available to.

WISE wireless monitoring

Now holiday park operators can revolutionise their parks by adopting our WISE platform, which provides the functionality to monitor security alerts, equipment failure, occupancy monitoring and energy meter readings, with simple invoicing to customers at the click of a button.

This advanced wireless, information, security and energy system has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of streamlining park operations.

Using our own unique radio technology, we have created a reliable and cost-effective platform to wirelessly monitor your information, security and energy without the need for WiFi or SIM. It collects meaningful, non-intrusive data to help you work smarter. Our secure online platform allows you to analyse past and present information, plan your park efficiently and deliver accurate billing invoices.

Ramtech can also provide additional solutions to support the safety of your park and its customers and staff.

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REACT app site alert and monitoring

Ramtech’s latest innovation is REACT, a 24/7 site protection and monitoring solution powered by the cloud.

Using the latest in wireless technology, REACT uses an easy to use mobile device app and a management/admin tool accessed via a web browser to create a fully integrated, instant emergency response system that can protect a leisure park site 24/7.

On site park staff can simply and securely raise various alerts such as fire, medical, hazards, SOS and more direct from their mobile device that gets sent in real time to administrators, who can then act appropriately straight away. There’s even a Lone Worker feature, which is great for any staff who work part of their shift alone, such as site security.

REACT Application

WES fire wireless alarms

Ramtech’s WES wireless fire alarm system can protect holiday park sites from emergencies such as fire, abnormal heat, smoke (even in dusty environments) and medical incidents.

The system creates a secure, wireless radio network throughout a site, making it ideal for use in large, multi-zone holiday parks.  Units can be self-installed easily without the expense of an engineer and can be easily re-positioned as a site changes. The system can be self-installed in minutes and has a 3 year battery life under normal conditions, so requires no ongoing maintenance. You can even wire the system into 3rd party devices such as pipe monitoring via a WES interface.

WES Products
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