Protect your vacant or unoccupied buildings from the risks of fire with Ramtech wireless safety solutions

Vacant, void or unoccupied properties and sites can be particularly vulnerable to the risk of fire due to the lack of security and less people on-site. WES is perfect for use in these sensitive projects because it is wireless and EN54 compliant. Often these sites can be culturally significant or they are waiting to be renovated, so ensuring they have the highest protection possible is even more important.

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Ramtech's high performance safety solutions have been used in vacant properties across the world, mainly as they await renovation. The wireless technology is developed to the latest standards and always with safety as the key focus. Our systems are typically deployed to protect unoccupied, vacant and void sites from the risk of fire from the likes of arson or flammable materials.

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Ramtech have two solutions that can be used to alert owners/staff to safety alerts such as fire on vacant or unoccupied buildings. The wireless WES fire/evacuation alarm system can be easily deployed or relocated without any damage to the building’s fabric or complex installation. The REACT cloud-based solution can also help protect and monitor your project even more. REACT works with WES, but also can operate independently.

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At Ramtech, we can cope with rapid deployment of our systems. Our team of specialists can get your chosen solution out to you - quickly. Installation of our systems are quick and simple, with little need for ongoing maintenance, so it is cost effective and easy to manage too. We have an online library of resources and a team of technical experts to help you through any queries you may have.

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WES Fire and Emergency Wireless Alarms

Ramtech’s WES solution is a wireless fire, evacuation and emergency alarm system that is specifically engineered to deliver the highest standards of compliance while meeting the complex safety challenges presented by properties that are vacant or unoccupied.

The WES system can be easily deployed and moved around a site if required, plus there is no complex installation. It can literally take a few minutes to get a system live. The units that make up the system are placed in accordance with the building’s fire plan – including stairwells, lift shafts, and other appropriate locations according to the plan. WES call points are securely linked via a mesh network, meaning that all areas receive the same audible and visual alert signal, even if the fire is contained to just one of them.

Units can be numbered allowing for easy identification in the event of any issues and enabling quick identification of the location of any reported incidents. Heat, smoke or dust resistant smoke detectors provide 24/7 automatic fire protection when a site is unattended. The system is quick and easy to deploy, it takes just a few minutes for the units to be on active duty.

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REACT App Site Alert and Monitoring

Occupied or vacant properties represent a unique challenge in terms of safety. For the risk of arson to injury, dangerous structures or flammable materials, these sites need to offer protection. The REACT system has been developed to provide on site teams with a simple and secure means of communicating fire, medical, hazard, water damage and other site emergencies to those who need to know, whether they are off or on site. It combines innovative wireless connectivity, cloud-based data and an easy-to-use mobile app to create a fully integrated emergency response system.

The intelligent system can help emergency services to locate a casualty on site quickly or accurately tackle a fire at its source. These vital minutes can help reduce the risk to life as well as lessen damage to the property.

REACT ensures project management teams receive real-time information regarding site emergencies, enabling them to make immediate decisions based on accurate data, and instantly send customised alerts out to relevant site personnel. It also collates valuable data to ensure that should an issue occur on-site there is robust information available to review.

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North American Customers

If you are based in the US or Canada, Ramtech have specific versions of our technology for you, including the WES wireless evacuation system.

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