Protecting shipyards and ships themselves from fires and other safety issues

The ship building and large-scale ship industries represent huge challenges in terms of safety. With concerns such as hot works, dangerous cargos, maintenance, restricted space and more, they can be dangerous places for people to work. Ramtech have been helping with advanced wireless evacuation and emergency alert solutions for ships and shipyards.

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Ramtech's high performance safety solutions have been proven across shipyards and other marine applications across the world. The wireless technology is developed to the latest standards and always with safety as the key focus. Our systems are typically deployed during the construction, maintenance or refit of a ship as they are so flexible. We also have systems deployed on active shipping, helping to safeguard lives and assets at sea.

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Ramtech have two solutions that can be used on board ships and during their construction or maintenance. The WES wireless fire and medical alert system is wirelessly protecting shipyards and ships across the world, using a special wireless mesh network that can overcome signal obstacles such as steel structures. The REACT app-based alert system can also help protect and monitor your site even more. This works with WES or entirely independently.

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At Ramtech, we are used to requests for rapid deployment. Our team of specific specialists can get your chosen solution out to you - fast. Tight deadlines are part of our day to day job. Installation is quick and simple, with little need for ongoing maintenance, so it is cost effective too. We have an online library of resources and a team of technical experts to help you through any queries you may have.

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WES Fire and Emergency Wireless Alarms

Ramtech’s WES solution is a wireless fire, evacuation and emergency alarm system that is specifically engineered to deliver the highest standards of compliance while meeting the complex safety challenges presented at shipyards on on board ships in the open sea. It’s an ideal safety system for ships and shipyards alike.

Fire and the production of smoke are serious risks when ships are being built, maintained or repaired in shipyards. There are many sources of heat, flames, and sparks such as brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, thawing, and welding. Coupled with multiple sources of fuel like debris and flammable liquids in large quantities, this makes shipyards rife with opportunities for a full-scale blaze.

WES wireless evacuation and emergency alarm systems can be installed during a ship’s construction phase until a built-in system is permanently in place on the ship. They include our unique dust resistant smoke detection, heat detection and manual fire / medical call points to help keep all staff and equipment as safe as possible from emergencies.

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REACT App Site Alert and Monitoring

In 2020 Ramtech, launched it’s 24/7 site protection platform – REACT – powered by the cloud. It combines a simple-to-use mobile device app and browser management tool to create a real time emergency response system that can protect a site around the clock. It can link into the WES system to provide teams off-site, such as managers, real time alerts to any issues that the WES system picks up – from medical emergencies to smoke detection.

The REACT system has been developed specifically to provide enhanced safety on a shipyard or ship. It’s another way Ramtech technology can provide a solution to safeguard a project’s personnel, assets and property.

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North American Customers

If you are based in the US or Canada, Ramtech have specific versions of our technology for you, including the WES wireless evacuation system.

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