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Ramtech responds to construction industry demand with new water detection solution

While fire is responsible for the largest insurance losses in construction, escape of water is still the most common – and most costly – for construction project teams.

In response to this, leading wireless solutions provider Ramtech has extended its REACT platform to provide automatic 24/7 water leak detection on construction sites, in addition to fire and evacuation solutions as part of its WES system.

By extending functionality of its wireless solutions to also cover water leak detection, which can be commissioned in a matter of minutes by connecting into Ramtech’s fire and evacuation alarm WES system – construction professionals can simultaneously avoid costly losses caused by both fire and escape of water.

Available in both cable and tape formats, the completely wireless water leak sensors are light-weight and simple to install with no need for specialist tools or equipment. Even out of hours, or in remote site locations where a leak is unlikely to be visually identified, the REACT system will continuously monitor and alert relevant personnel if a leak is detected.

Using wireless water detection technology is especially useful as part of the site Water Management Plan, to help meet Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG) requirements. This is in addition to satisfying recommendations from insurers, such as whether the water plan remains active following handover to identify latent defects.

James Pecz, global marketing and business development manager at Ramtech, said: “Our REACT platform has always given site personnel a powerful means of raising an alert straight from their mobile phone if they detect a water leak anywhere on site. However, with the addition of the wireless sensor technology, we now have an automatic 24/7 system, that serves as a natural progression designed to meet industry demand for more comprehensive and fully integrated monitoring solutions.

“We have worked closely with our customers to make sure we deliver the right levels of protection specifically for construction sites, so that managers and owners can be assured of a quick and reliable temporary solution to safeguard the site throughout the building process from the risk of water damage, alongside fire risk.

“In the current era of increasing deductibles, accelerated schedules, and contract penalties, even relatively small water incidents can result in large losses. We are pleased to be able to offer this solution as a means to mitigate the threat posed.”

For more information about Ramtech and its new water detection solution visit our new water detection page.