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Wireless vs. Wired Fire Alarm Systems on Construction Sites

Consider the dynamic security needs of a construction site. Structures come and go, leaving open and exposed areas that are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and arson. Fire risk is heightened due to hot work, heaters, and other sources of ignition in close proximity to an accumulation of highly combustible materials and solvents. And to make the problem even worse, the typical building protection systems such as sprinklers, smoke and fire sensors, and fire walls are not in place until the end phases of construction.

No Power Source? No Problem!

Construction sites need to have security measures in place from the moment ground is first broken up to and including the final phase of building. It may not be until toward the end stages that the site is fully outfitted with regular, reliable electricity. WES3 eliminates the need for a hardwired power source and there is no wired panel required as with most other similar systems. Each unit is powered by a battery with a three-year life under normal use to secure your job site during all phases of construction whether electricity is available or not.

Mount the Units Anywhere!

Each WES3 unit can be mounted anywhere at all: work trailers, utility poles, walls, roofs, towers, skids, and wherever else they might be needed. Some safety managers have gotten creative with placement, choosing to erect temporary poles, frames, or other places to hang the units. With this fully customisable system, you can set out the units in the configuration that best meets the needs of your site. This allows total compliance with your existing fire plan. Cover all vulnerable areas including stairways, elevator shafts, docks, and more.

Goodbye Messy Cables!

Construction sites are already home to an enormous amount of wires and cables running everywhere to power lights, tools, and other necessary items. It can be a tripping hazard. The last thing you want to do is add more wires with a fire system. WES3 units create a network that communicates with the use of secure radio frequencies. With an unlimited number of units able to be used per site, you can add more and more units as the build progresses. Repeater units ensure the signal gets a boost on especially large sites. An emergency signal can be triggered automatically or manually from anywhere. And it’s all possible without wires or cables.

Setup is Easy!

WES3 is so simple to install, many users report that they are able to deploy the system themselves in a matter of minutes. Ramtech and your local supplier will provide you with simple installation manuals, and are available with technical support both onsite and via phone.

Use it Again and Again!

Many fire systems require a steep investment that only pays back one time. You can have specialists take days to install the sensors and monitoring equipment only to see the whole system become obsolete the moment the project is over. The WES3 system, however, is completely reusable. When the job is finished, easily take the units down and transport them to the next jobsite. No extra fees for installers. No extra equipment to purchase. No wires to remove.

Protecting people and property on your construction site is vital, and doesn’t have to be an extra challenge and headache added to the project. Regardless of the size, scope, or location of your jobsite, you can save time and money by implementing the WES3 wireless fire alarm for construction sites and more. Call for a consultation today!