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WES has been trusted by construction and industrial sites since 2009. Our current range utilises the latest technology to make sure your site is able to react quickly to fires, medical situations and evacuations on site. The WES wireless alarm system gives peace of mind to an increase range of sites, from all sizes of construction sites through to infrastructure projects, power stations, universities and heritage building renovations.

WES3 is our very latest range and features benefits such as a medical alert, as well as a fire call point, unique dust resistant smoke detectors, heat detectors, links and interfaces. New to the system is the CONNECT control unit with 4G capabilities and enhanced ergonomics. The WES3 system has been designed to be fully EN54 compliant. It also works perfectly with Ramtech’s REACT cloud alert system to give even great safety across your sit.

WES+ is still trusted across many sites and utilises many of the benefits of WES3 – it is ideal if you are looking for a pure fire safety solution and off-site communications are not a big factor to consider for your site. The system includes a base station, call points, smoke and heat detectors, links and interfaces. WES+ is fully EN54 compliant.

Ramtech also offer a range of safety equipment and accessories to accompany your WES wireless fire alarm solution, including emergency signs, extinguishers and trolleys.

Find out more about the Ramtech’s solutions, see below.

WES3 Wireless Emergency Alarm System

WES3 is the latest solution in the WES wireless alarm series. The system has been installed on various sites across the world, from construction sites to shopping centres. WES3 includes enhanced features including a medical call point, pre-alarm functions and the latest system controller, WES3 CONNECT, with 4G connectivity. WES3 also is designed to work with Ramtech REACT and together they give your site unrivalled wireless safety and monitoring.

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WES3 - Fire Alarm System in Nottingham
WES+ - Fire Alarm System On Site

WES+ Wireless Fire Alarm System

WES+ is used on many construction sites and other projects across the UK and Europe. Following the success of the pioneering WES1 system, WES+ took this to a new level with features such as a 3 year battery life under normal use and unique dust resistant smoke detection, which is only available through a WES system. Whilst some sites have updated to the latest WES3 system, WES+ is still available new and could be a perfect solution for your site to help protect your property, equipment and work force from the dangers of fire.

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WiSE Wireless Monitoring for Leisure Parks

WiSE from Ramtech is a reliable business information and monitoring platform providing instant alerts, security data and information, energy metering, fire safety, equipment failure, occupancy monitoring, staff management “check-in-checkout” and access history. For holiday park operators, WiSE can also extend your existing security and fire system coverage, reducing the complexity and cost of enhancing your risk management systems. Holiday park home owners also benefit from the system as their property can be security protected 24/7.

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WiSE - Monitoring App
REACT - Alert Monitoring App

REACT 24/7 Safety Alert and Monitoring App

Specifically created to help keep your site safe, Ramtech’s REACT platform is a 24/7 cloud-based solution that can send alerts in real time – initiated by people or devices – to the people who can act on these alerts. REACT uses an easy to use mobile app that sends data instantly via the cloud to those who need to know. REACT is designed for any sites where emergencies could happen – from power stations to construction sites, holiday parks to shipyards.

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