Wireless Evacuation and Emergency Alarm System for Construction Sites

Helping construction site managers comply with NFPA241

WES3 is fully customizable temporary wireless system that has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of construction sites. The system is comprised of several different types of units for optimum protection including manual evacuation and medical call points, smoke and heat sensors, interface units, and more. With no wires or cords to install, each unit can be placed unobtrusively according to the site’s unique monitoring needs. This is a system that can grow with your site, adding more units as construction progresses.

Flexible and adaptable wireless evacuation and emergency solution for every site

Some highlights of WES3 that our customers rave about:

  • NO Wires (Completely wireless with 3-year battery life)
  • Raise Alerts (Manual push button for fire and medical emergencies)
  • Easy Setup (Install and reposition easily)
  • Built in Sensors (Smoke and heat sensors for 24/7 protection)
  • Visual and Audible alerts (Powerful 95dB horn with bright strobe light)
  • 3rd Party Integration (Works with existing permanent fire alarm panels)
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How WES3 works

Protecting your site 24/7

The WES3 system comprises manual evacuation and medical alarm call points that are installed on site in accordance with the project’s Fire Plan. These call points are designed so that the system is interlinked, meaning that all areas receive the same audible and visual alert signal, even if the fire is contained to just one of them.

Incorporating heat or smoke sensors into the network provides automatic cover 24/7, ensuring that your construction site is protected even when personnel are not present. When coupled with REACT, all relevant personnel will be notified immediately via text message from anywhere, on site or off, if an alarm is activated.

WES3 Wireless vs Hand Held Air Horn Evacuation

What is the Difference?

Sites across North America are still using the hand-held air horn as a safety device warning of fires and similar incidents. By modern standards, this is sub-standard. Deploying the WES evacuation system on a construction job site vs. the air horn has so many advantages. Let’s look at some differences:

WES Air Horn
Full site wide evacuation at the push of a button Yes No
Addressable system so you know where the activation took place Yes No
Ability to add in heat and smoke sensors giving 24 hour protection Yes No
Visual as well as audible alarm. Distinguishable above background sounds Yes No
Medical call feature giving extra functionality Yes No

Fast Deployment

The full wireless battery powered range

WES3 NA - Connect


The latest WES system control unit, featuring many enhancements over the standard base station.

WES3 NA - Base Station

Base Station

The brains behind the WES solution. Control your system from these clever control units.

Call Point

Manually raise fire evacuation or medical alerts with this IP55 rated, robust device.

WES3 NA - Heat Detector

Heat Detector

Detects abnormal heat rises below and around the sensor for 24/7 coverage.

WES3 NA - Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Innovative technology means this detector can pick out smoke particles for 24/7 coverage.

WES3 NA - Interface


Link your WES system with other 3rd party systems on site, including access control and more.

WES3 NA - Link


Rarely required, however the Link boosts signal range of your WES system if required.

Ramtech and Space Age Electronics can support construction sites to meet parts of the latest NFPA Code 241 by implementing the WES3 wireless evacuation and emergency system.

Through advancements in the use of wireless fire safety technology - saving lives, protecting building infrastructure, and safeguarding communities is made more possible than ever before. Those who choose to take advantage of this will reap the benefits of a more secure and safe future.

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