Resources available to discover more about REACT

Below you will find links to various resources which will allow you to discover more about the benefits of the Ramtech REACT 24/7 cloud-based alert and monitoring system.

If you have a site that needs the added safety that REACT offers, particularly if your site is exposed to safety risks, then finding out more about the REACT cloud-based app and browser management features that may help safeguard your people, assets and properties.

Do you feel ready to REACT? Let us know your individual needs and we’ll get an expert to contact you to find out more.

Ramtech REACT - Prepare yourself to REACT

Watch the video that will give you an introduction to Ramtech REACT and how it can help protect your site, staff and assets 24/7 via this innovative cloud-based solution that utilises an easy to use mobile app (available on Android or Apple devices) and is managed via a browser based portal by administrators chosen by you. Alerts are raised instantly and are sent in real time to those who need to know, so they can take appropriate action.

Brochure Cover - REACT

REACT UK Brochure

In this brochure, discover more about REACT and how this unique combination of app and browser cloud-based technology can help your site raise emergency alerts and more.

Brochure Cover - REACT

REACT Europe Brochure

In this brochure specific to European countries, you can find out more about how the cloud-based REACT solution can keep your site monitored in various ways 24/7, with safety keep to this.


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