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Case Study: Protecting One of the UK’s Biggest Regeneration Sites With an Integrated Solution

The 36-acre Island Quarter development in Nottingham – one of the UK’s biggest regeneration sites – includes a 12-storey, 693-bed student living accommodation offering, which is currently under construction.

Well-recognised British construction firm Bowmer + Kirkland is delivering the project as part of the wider masterplan to combat the continuing shortfall of student accommodation in the city. With the accommodation offering set to welcome its first residents in September 2024 ahead of the academic year, it’s key that the project runs smoothly and shines a positive light on Nottingham. Will Tasker, project manager at The Island Quarter, said: “Work is well under way on the new student blocks and we’re in a great position to achieve our goals and use pioneering techniques along the way. The student accommodation marks a significant milestone in the progress of the development as we look ahead to the later phases of the 36-acre site. Every piece of technology used on site ensures a safe and successful environment to work, which we know our project partners like Bowmer + Kirland source from the very best suppliers.”


The student accommodation is made up of three tower blocks. At times, it’s a busy and noisy construction environment with people spread out over the site. This means that traditional fire alarms, airhorns or other signaling measures would likely have limited success in the event of an emergency. Therefore, Bowmer + Kirkland required a modern solution fit for the scale of the project.

It’s a privilege to be involved in the Island Quarter regeneration project, a £1.4 billion development that will change the face of Nottingham and add significant value to the area. With our global headquarters located less than two miles away, it’s a scheme we’re all watching the progress on and will be proud to say we had a role in making it possible once complete.

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To provide site personnel with a comprehensive fire safety system, Bowmer + Kirkland worked with us to get the best from a combined WES3 and REACT solution.

What did this look like? For each of the three tower blocks, there is a WES Connect control panel installed. This is situated within the welfare zone and is the key to a connected solution. The control panels are capturing data and updates from 63 Call Points installed across the site, making sure that in the event of an alarm activation, all assigned personnel will receive real-time alerts through the REACT app and via text message.

Ian Haigh, general manager at Bowmer + Kirkland, said: “The integrated Ramtech system is ensuring effective fire safety measures are in place throughout the project and for the entirety of our time on site. It provides reliable, wireless fire alarm capabilities through the WES3 system, and instant communication of alarm activations through the REACT emergency notification system.


Our solution for a key construction figurehead, upholding the highest health and safety standards, is proving a success, with the student accommodation blocks and those working on them safe from the threat of fire. WES3 has proved its flexibility and ability to provide a solution at scale, outpacing traditional fire safety offerings.


Rhea Andrews, regional sales manager Ramtech, said: “We love nothing more than knowing that our clients and their clients are equally satisfied with the benefits of having a Ramtech system installed. Whether it’s life or asset safety, a WES3 and REACT combination proves that technology can make construction safer and less risky.

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