Wireless fire detection and alarm solution for high-rise buildings with flammable cladding

Following the Grenfell Tower fire new guidance was issued for residential bocks of flats that were identified as having hazardous combustible cladding systems. The previously advised ‘Stay put policy’ was deemed unsafe and a temporary change to a ‘Simultaneous evacuation’ strategy was imposed.

In the absence of a common fire alarm, many building owners employed a significant number of ‘waking watch’ guards to ensure the evacuation of their residents in the event of a fire. This manual method of detecting fire was only intended as a short-term solution.

Should a temporary ‘Simultaneous evacuation’ strategy remain in place for a longer period, then the installation of a common fire alarm is strongly recommended as a more reliable and cost-effective method of early detection. This is outlined in guidance published by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC).

The WES fully wireless fire detection and alarm system offers a cost-effective solution that can be set-up in moments and installed in days, with each unit requiring only two fixing points. Partnered with our REACT cloud monitoring and alert system, triggered alarms, along with their location, can be sent automatically in real-time to the mobile smart device of any individual or group. 


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WES Wireless Fire Alarm System for High-rise Residential Buildings

The WES Wireless Fire Alarm system is fully NFCC compliant, cost-effective alternative to Waking Watch patrols for buildings with flammable cladding, offering around-the-clock protection for residents.

A major benefit of the WES wireless fire alarm systems is that it can be rapidly deployed to create a ‘common’ fire alarm system in any size building. Significantly, being wireless avoids having to drill holes through walls for cabling, so maintaining integrity of the fire compartments. If just one of the heat or smoke detectors in the network is activated, it sounds an alarm via multiple interconnected call points in all areas of the building allowing ‘simultaneous evacuation’ of residents. It does not rely on manual intervention, or a waking watch person seeing the fire.

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Full certification. EN54 and BS5839

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Three-year battery life, so little or no maintenance is required

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Quick to install and can be fitted with minimal disruption to residents

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Remote monitoring via REACT mobile phone app

Icon - No Wires

Completely wireless. No mains power needed

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More cost-effective than Waking Watch patrols


An intelligent fire sensor and alarm system integrated into dangerous building façades.

Intelliclad is a wireless system certified to EN54-25 which is designed to be integrated into the external façade of high-risk buildings where combustible materials are present. The external installation is in addition to a full internal system installed to the NFCC guidance required to remove the waking watch.

The system uses smart sensors which are fitted inside the cladding system and are connected to a control system so that in the event of a fire, an alert can be sent to all residents via sounders, a unique smartphone app and the main alarm system within the building, in compliance with BS 5839-1 L5.

This intelligent system uses a cloud-based technology to give residents and the fire service valuable information on the location of the activation. Each sensor is aware of its exact location and can therefore provide precise information as whereabout on the façade the fire is located. For more information on the Intelliclad solution, visit www.intelliclad.co.uk

Inteliclad Worker

Benefits of the Intelliclad Solution:

A smarter, faster, and cost-effective alternative to the waking watch.

  • Fire sensors integrates into the combustible EXTERNAL façade.
  • Certified to EN54-25 and can be installed to BS5839-1 L5.
  • Dual-optic smoke sensor to prohibit false activations.
  • 3-year battery life with low battery warning
  • Smartphone app can alert residents in real-time.
  • Can also integrate into other devices linked to PEEP (ie pagers).
  • Colour matched to existing cladding
  • Easily linked to internal 96db sounder and building management system.

For more information on the Intelliclad solution, visit www.intelliclad.co.uk

Waking Watch Relief Fund

The government has announced a £30 million fund to pay for the costs of installing an alarm system in buildings with unsafe cladding. Common Alarms systems will enable costly Waking Watch measures to be replaced in buildings waiting to have unsafe cladding removed. The fund builds on recently updated guidance published by the National Fire Chief’s Council (NFCC) on buildings that change from a ‘Stay Put’ to a ‘Simultaneous Evacuation’ fire safety strategy.

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NFCC strongly recommends that where a change to a simultaneous evacuation is deemed appropriate and will be required for medium to long periods of time, that a temporary common fire alarm system is installed. This is because a temporary common fire alarm when designed, installed, and maintained appropriately is a more reliable and cost-effective way to maintain a sufficient level of early detection. An appropriate communal fire alarm and detection system will generally provide more certainty that a fire will be detected and warned at the earliest opportunity rather than rely on using trained staff.

The Waking Watch Relief Fund has re-opened for applications and will close again on 10th December this year.  An additional £5m has been made available. Visit the GOV.UK page for further details.

Will I still be required to have a ‘waking watch’ after the installation of Common Alarm System?

The Government has stated: “Common Alarms systems will enable costly Waking Watch measures to be replaced in buildings waiting to have unsafe cladding removed.” Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

The NFCC also clearly state that building owners should move to install common fire alarms as quickly as possible to reduce or remove the dependence on waking watches.

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