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From Apprentice to HR Professional: A Success Story at Ramtech

As we celebrate Apprenticeship Week, we take a moment to reflect on the incredible journeys of those who walked through our doors at Ramtech.

Today, our spotlight is on Huma, a testament to the transformative power of apprenticeships. Having once entered our doors as an apprentice, Huma’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable, culminating in her evolution into a qualified HR professional within the Ramtech family.

Q: Could you share a brief overview of your journey from being an apprentice to becoming a qualified HR professional at Ramtech? What initially attracted you to pursue an apprenticeship?

A: Absolutely! My journey at Ramtech began as an apprentice. The idea of delving deep into HR while simultaneously applying that knowledge in a real-world setting was enticing. It turned out to be a fantastic decision as it allowed me to practice what I was learning, especially evident in my final project submitted to the CIPD board.

Q: How did the apprenticeship programme contribute to your professional growth and skill development?

A: The apprenticeship programme was instrumental in my professional growth. It provided a platform to refine crucial skills like confidence, communication, and working in a practical environment. The blend of theory and hands-on experience laid a strong foundation for my success.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals considering an apprenticeship?

A: My advice would be to go for it! The ability to gain experience while studying was the most valuable aspect of my apprenticeship. It’s undoubtedly worthwhile for anyone considering a dynamic and enriching learning experience.

Our apprenticeship programme offers a dynamic blend of hands-on experience and valuable learning, paving the way for aspiring professionals to embark on a fulfilling career journey.

Jackie Stephenson - HR Manager

Q: Can you describe the culture at Ramtech, especially in terms of supporting and nurturing apprentices?

A: Ramtech has been incredibly supportive throughout my 16-month course to become a qualified HR Support Assistant. The company’s values and goals provided the framework for my career growth. I’m now proudly serving as an HR Assistant, a role that I wouldn’t have achieved without Ramtech’s nurturing environment.

Q: Wrapping up, how would you summarise your overall experience with the apprenticeship program at Ramtech?

A: My experience has been nothing short of amazing. From an apprentice to a qualified HR professional, the journey has been transformative. Ramtech has not only provided opportunities for learning and growth but has also been a springboard for my career progression.

Huma's journey encapsulates the essence of Apprenticeship Week at Ramtech – a celebration of growth, learning, and the successful transition from apprenticeship to a flourishing career. As we honour the accomplishments of our apprentices, we look forward to continuing to provide opportunities for aspiring professionals to thrive and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of our organization.