Protect Your Holiday Park with WISE Wireless Security Alarm Solution

As a holiday park operator or owner, the safety and security of your business and on-park properties should be a top priority

For over 30 years, Ramtech has been offering security solutions to holiday parks across the UK. Our WISE Wireless Security Alarm System provides round-the-clock monitoring, giving you complete peace of mind. Additionally, we can assist you in generating additional revenue streams to maximise your park’s profitability.

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Year-Round Protection

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for your guests at all times. That’s why we offer an advanced security solution designed specifically for holiday parks. Our state-of-the-art alarm system is customised to fit your unique needs, delivering reliable and effective protection year-round. With real-time alerts and an online platform to monitor alarm status, you can trust that your holiday park is always secure.

Watch the video to see how we helped Holiday Resort Unity protect their holiday park year-round using our WISE Security System.

Creating Additional Revenue Streams for Your Holiday Park

As a holiday park operator, you are always looking for ways to increase revenue and improve your bottom line. That’s why, in addition to providing comprehensive security solutions, WISE offers you the opportunity to create additional revenue streams for your park. By installing our WISE wireless security solutions, you can generate revenue through yearly subscriptions, providing you with a recurring source of income.

Download our revenue generating table today to see how much additional revenue you could generate by installing WISE wireless security solutions on your holiday park.


Instant Alert in the Event of an Alarm Activation

Our alarm system ensures that you are notified as soon as an alarm is activated, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively.

Create New Revenue Streams for Your Park

By offering WISE to your guests, you can create an additional and recurring revenue stream for your park.

Fully Inclusive Service and Support

Our team of experts will provide you with ongoing service and support to ensure that your WISE security system is always in perfect working order.

Online Tracking of Alarm Alert History

With WISE, you can track the history of alarm alerts online, giving you full visibility and control over the security of your park.

Stay Connected with the WISE online platform

Monitor your park security from your mobile, laptop or tablet at any time and from anywhere with WISE Online Platform. Our platform allows you to remotely arm and disarm alarms, monitor site alerts and data, and keep track of who is entering and leaving designated areas of your business.

  • Remotely monitor park security
  • Increased control and flexibility
  • Peace of mind
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Ramtech's WISE Security has been safeguarding our holiday resort for over 14 years, proving to be highly advantageous.

Simon Francis - Security Operations & Public Safety Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

WISE Security is a wireless security solution that can benefit your holiday park by providing 24/7 monitoring and instant alerts in the event of an alarm activation, creating an additional revenue stream for your park, and offering peace of mind to your customers that their holiday homes are protected year-round.

WISE Security Alarm is professionally installed and maintained by Ramtech, we have over 30 years of experience in protecting holiday parks throughout the UK.

Yes, WISE Security is powered by long-life batteries, eliminating the need for unsightly wires and making it easy to install in any location.

WISE Security Alarm utilises a reliable radio technology which allows thousands of devices to be linked to a central base station, creating an instant alert via email, text, or pager.

No, WISE Security Alarm is not dependent on SIM or WiFi to function, making it an ideal solution for sites with little or no data or internet coverage.

Yes, you can offer WISE to your customers as a yearly subscription service, creating an additional revenue stream for your park.

The price of WISE Security subscription can vary depending on the number of holiday homes on your park and the pricing model you choose. You can use our revenue generating table to estimate the potential revenue for your park.

WISE provides online dashboard for tracking of alarm activation history, allowing you to view past alerts and respond to any incidents quickly.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team of experts, who can help you design a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of your holiday park.

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