Protecting underground and tunnelling engineering projects from fires and other safety issues

Underground and tunnelling projects are hugely challenging engineering projects, especially during the construction phase. Serious emergency threats are a real possibility, so having a market-leading, reliable wireless system in place to help protect your site and its workers from fire and more is very important. Ramtech have been helping with advanced wireless evacuation and emergency alert solutions for major underground and tunnelling projects.

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Ramtech's high performance safety solutions are successfully utilised across the world in underground and tunnelling projects. From access tunnels in Nuclear Power Stations to underground train stations, Ramtech has the technology to help improve site safety. The wireless technology Ramtech use is developed to the latest standards. Our systems are typically deployed during the construction or maintenance of a tunnelling or underground project - for example, we have our systems deployed on construction sites of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project in London, UK.

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Ramtech have several solutions that can be used during  construction or maintenance of tunnelling/underground projects. The wireless WES fire and medical alert solution is helping to protect sites across the world, using a wireless mesh network that can pass signal obstacles such as steel walls. Furthermore, the REACT cloud based alert system can also help protect and monitor your site even more via integration with the WES system - or it can operate entirely independently.

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At Ramtech, we are used to requests for rapid delivery of our systems. We have a team of specialists who can get your chosen solution out to you, quickly. Installation of our systems is quick and simple. One major advantage of our systems is that there is little need for ongoing maintenance (for example, the WES system has a 3 year battery life under normal use), so it is cost effective too. We have a team of experts on hand if you need any technical advice, plus a library of online resources.

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WES Fire and Emergency Wireless Alarms

The WES solution from Ramtech was developed specifically for construction projects – it’s a wireless fire and emergency alarm system that has been created to deliver the highest compliance standards, whilst meeting and often exceeding the complex safety challenges present in underground and tunnelling projects.

Fire, heat and smoke are extremely serious potential emergencies in tunnelling and underground projects due to the environmental conditions and the hazardous materials on site. To help alert your site to these potentially devastating scenarios, you need a flexible, reliable system that is market leading in terms of its technology.

The WES3 wireless fire and emergency alarm system can be installed throughout the construction of a underground project. The system can be customised for your site, ensuring you have the best protection possible. The units that make up the system include unique dust resistant smoke detection, heat detection and manual fire and medical call points. The system can also be linked into 3rd party systems, such as access control.

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REACT App Site Alert and Monitoring

Ramtech recently launched it’s 24/7 site protection platform, REACT. Using the power of the cloud, REACT is designed for sites where emergencies are a realistic factor to consider. The system is made up of an easy to use mobile app and a browser-based management tool. Alerts can be instantly raised – either manually or via a 3rd party system integration, such as linking with WES. Managers then get instant notifications of any issues, that can then be dealt with appropriately.

The REACT system allows enhanced safety protection across an underground or tunnelling construction site. It’s another way Ramtech technology can provide a safety system in underground sites.

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North American Customers

If you are based in the US or Canada, Ramtech have specific versions of our technology for you, including the WES wireless evacuation system.

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